First Aid


Information provided by Sue Johnson. Her details are:

Sue Johnson

RGN, RM, RHV, A&E Cert

Medical Instructor


Sue is MCA accredited medical training (in association with Centaur Training). She runs Bespoke medical courses and provides Ocean Medical Kits. She is happy to give advice to club members.

Following our First Aid Course, Sue has suggested that the following items are added to a standard First Aid kit:

Celox haemostatic granules
Maxiflex dressings
60 ml syringe with green  (21) hypodermic needle
( for washing out wounds )
Opsite plastic spray dressing
Pocket mask for cpr
Inflatable or Box splints
Reliance finger dressings
Reusable hot / cold packs
Thermal protection aid without legs
Crepe bandages
500 ml eye wash solution
Calico triangular bandages ( slings ) x 6
Man made fibre lightweight blankets

Useful companies :
SP Services
On Call Medical Supplies


Sue has provided the following information:

Radio Medical Advice

Radio Medical Advice supporting info sheet 1

Radio Medical Advice supporting info sheet 2


Helping an unconcious adult

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